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We are manufacturers and exporters of Processing Plants and specialized Process Equipment. Process Plants are developed as custom-built for client's requirement & supplied as an Integrated unit on Turn-key basis. The fabrication of the Plant / Equipment is done in accordance with the technical specifications given to us by the clients.

We present the range of consistent and exclusive list of Distillation Column, Column Internals (Trays, Caps etc.), Condensers, Reboilers, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Falling Film Evaporators and Process Vessels. They stand out in the market for their outstanding attributes such as superior productivity, high efficiency and low maintenance. The equipments are suitably utilized in power, food, engineering, chemical, resin, and process industries for various applications.

Process Equipment are fabricated as per client's specifications & supplied as individual equipment. The Plants & Equipment are engineered in different metals like Stainless steel, Aluminium, Copper, Mild steel / Carbon steel Inconel, and allied metal alloys. etc. by adopting the best of manufacturing practices.

These can be ordered to be customized in strict accordance with the drawings, samples or design specifications as provided by Customer.


We fabricate shell & tube heat exchangers like Reboilers, Condensers, Evaporators (Both Fallinf Film and Forced Film), Calendria etc. are designed by our engineers in accordance to the TEMA/ASME/IS Standards. These heat exchangers are extensively used in Distillation plants, chemical plants, Pharmaceutical plants and various process industries. Below mentioned are the detailed specifications of our range of heat exchangers.


The design of chemical or pharmaceutical reactor has to cover several issues. These systems are often customized according to specific customer requirements. Sometimes the reactor needs to be in stainless steel, sometimes with limpet coil and heating jacket, sometimes it has to withstand high pressure.

Inside the reactors, many accessories are available. Stirrers/Mixer (Agitators) is to be defined according to the processed media and process itself. Stirrer shapes can be impeller, anchor or others, arranged as single stirrer or as multi stage stirrer. Our reactors are used for following industrial process applications:


Manufacturer of Reaction Vessels such as Limpet Coil Reaction Vessels, Jacketed Reaction Vessels, Jacketed Process Vessel and Agitator Reaction Vessel. Process vessels for mixing, dissolving, emulsifying of various liquids in a variety of industries such as chemical, pharma, paints to varnish and food industries.

Pressurized and non- pressurized tanks or vacuum vessels are utilized to process products according to customer specifications. The client carries hereby the responsibility for the process engineering and for the operational conditions and sequences


All mixers are customized to customer application, including alloys, coatings, mechanical seals, energy efficient impellers and mixer mountings.

Agitators are engineered and built specifically to handle the unique and demanding requirements of mixing applications.It is designed for the tough mixing requirements in industries like chemical processing, food processing, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, power generation, mining and waste and water treatment.


We manufacture best quality Pressure Vessels which are extensively used in all process Industries. We offer stainless steel pressure vessels, cylindrical pressure vessels etc. which are made up of high quality raw materials. Pressure vessels are used to provide heat treatment to different liquids under fixed pressure. We use optimum quality steel in our vessel which make help them to withstand heat and stress. We design and manufacture pressure vessels according to requirements of client. Designed and Fabricated as per IS:2825, ASME Sec VIII Div 1 Material of Construction: SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L and Carbon Steel Normal Capacity from 5 Litres – 20 KL or suiting to client's requirement Operating range, Pressure – full vacuum to 120 Kg/cm2 Heating / cooling – jacketed and limpet coil


The Sparkle Filter has wide usage in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for filtering out the foreign and unwanted elements from liquid. The filter is manufactured with two options viz. deep plate for high percentage of cake holding capacity & shallow plate for small percentage of cake capacity.

The filters constructed with excellent filter media ensure complete recover of product.

Operation :

Owing to our advanced design and manufacturing expertise, we deal in a wide assortment of Industrial Column Internals and other accessories.

We provide different types of conventional Distillation Trays that are suitable for any column size. We use different types of metallic material that passes through punching and bending processes to fabricate these trays.

In addition we can also use other processes to suit the individual project or maintenance requirement of our clients. The custom fabrication of trays or tray parts to complete installation also decides the usage of work.

The different types of column trays offered by us are as follows:

To enhance the performance of the column operation, we lay string emphasis on the key tray design parameters such as:


Our offered Fermentation System is easy to operate on both, continuous as well as synchronized mode of operation, as per the requirement of feed. This system is widely used to produce fermentation and propagation of yeast, which in turns produces alcohol in a bulk quantity. Sturdily constructed, this system is extensively used in various Distilleries.This systems is based on crucial parameters which helps to reduce loses of alcohol in fomenters and increase the yield of alcohol by controlling the unrequited by products such as Cane Molasses Grains, Wheat, Rice, Corn, Millet, Sorghum, Rice, Bajra etc.

We provide services:


Fermentation tanks are designed for the stuck fermentation by focusing on controlling parameters like temperature, pH for smooth fermentation and operational ease. Whether fermenting or storage tanks, cylindrical-conical brewery tanks, yeast or pressure tanks as well as filter tanks, we are the competent supplier for the Customers.


We are a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Stainless Steel Tanks such as

Material of construction SS 304 /316/304L/316L. Designed and Fabricated as per IS:803, API650, IS:2825 and ASME Sec VIII Div 1 Could be with Heating & Cooling arrangement, Flanged or Welded construction with required Nozzles, Manholes and instrumentation as per process need Types: Horizontal Cylindrical Dished / Flat Ends, Vertical Cylindrical Dished / Flat Ends, High Capacity Tanks with Flat Bottom & Conical Top Roof We manufacture tanks having capacity in range of 50 liters to 150,000 manufactured in different specifications as per project specifications.


Blending Tanks uses in a variety of industrial applications to blend two or more components or constituents to a desired concentration. The Blending Tanks are manufactured as per Customer’s specifications or technical data and drawings. All of our stainless steel blending tanks and mixing tanks are built with high quality SS 304/316 stainless steel. Further,keeping in mind the specific requirements of our clients, we offer these tanks with necessary nozzles, accessories and level guage.


Copper Pot Still for the Malt long with Condensers and after cooler as required, Capacity ranges from 5,000 Liters to 20,000 Liters per Day. Design and Engineering as per specification of customer or fabrication of pot still id done.
Design as per Good Engineering Practices.
MOC: Copper
Internals: Heating Coils.